The Spider Queen for minecraft

29th Oct, 2022

The Spider Queen for minecraft

Get in the role of the Spider Queen if you want to see better in the dark. And that is not all, you can use your web to climb walls, or even create a webslinger to swing from one wall to another or hang from ceilings. You can even create 4 new spiders and use the Giant Spider mob as your pet and to protect you as well. You will find new mobs such as fearsome Jack the Pumpkin, water-dwelling octopus, and even a rival queen. You will come across some huge bee-hives that you can break open for honey but will have to watch out for angry bees.

As the Spider Queen, you will not be afraid of the darkness in the caves and can explore them to your heart's content. Those creatures of the night such as zombies and skeletons van be your friends. Those juicy flies darting around can serve as a tasty snack. It is time to be a monster and create an army. Be friends with humans or battle against them.


• Create web tile on floors, walls and ceilings
• Tiles on walls work as ladders
• Tiles on ceilings allow to scale the ceiling by holding on to the shift
• Tiles on walls work as ladders
• Cocooned mobs
• Apply new craftables
• Implement Spider-Spawning
• Eggs by themselves spawn Tiny Spiders.
• put into action new Spider kinds
• Tiny Spiders do not assault
• Boom Spiders blow up upon death
• Poison Spiders have bigger attack

Bee Gatherers, Bee Hives, Bee Fighters, Ants, Wasps Bee Queen are new daytime mobs.

Installation Steps for The Spider Queen mod for Minecraft 1.2.5:

1. Download and install ModLoader
2. Download the mod files and extract them to any folder
3. Go to start and open the run dialog box
4. Type %appdata% and press enter
5. Navigate to .minecraft/bin folder and open Minecraft.jar with any suitable compressed file handler
6. Copy the extracted mod files into this file
7. Delete the META-INF folder
8. Close Minecraft.jar
9. Play Minecraft with your new mod!