Smoking Chimney for minecraft

27th Nov, 2022

Smoking Chimney for minecraft

If you want to add realistic smoking chimneys in your game, then go for Smoking Chimney. You can use the smoke for factories, forges, cottages etc. The fireplace block has logs, fire, and smoke condensed into. You can add a few chimney blocks and observe the fire go off. Some other outdoor alternatives are, Firepits and firering. Create grills to prepare your favorite food and enjoy the fire.

However, there are certain conditions for the smoke to work. For example, the working furnace should be next to the chimney and the fire should be next to or under the chimney bottom. You can go ahead and combine all the three chimney types. The good part is that with just one smoke source, you can create double and triple chimneys. Smoke can be seen from any distance and the height of the chimney is not limited.


• Creates smoke puffs with Chimney Block
• Single Block Fireplace
• Use Firepit Block for contained campfires
• Grill chicken, pork, beef, or fish on Grill Block

There are 13 materials to pick from and those are Moss Stone, Nether Brick., Cobblestone, End Stone, Obsidian, Lapis Lazuli, Iron Ingot etc. Smoking Chimney mod prevents the danger of any fire spread inside the house.

Installation Steps for Smoking Chimney mod for Minecraft 1.2.5:

1. Download and install ModLoader and ModloaderMP
2. Download the mod files and extract them to any folder
3. Go to start and open the run dialog box
4. Type %appdata% and press enter
5. Navigate to .minecraft/bin folder and open Minecraft.jar with any suitable compressed file handler
6. Copy the contents of the /client/ folder from the extracted mod files into this file
7. Delete the META-INF folder
8. Close Minecraft.jar
9. Go to .Minecraft/mods/ folder and copy the .zip file of the mod over here
10. Play Minecraft with your new mod!