More Mobs Mod – For when you want mobs from goats to priests

18th Dec, 2022

More Mobs Mod – For when you want mobs from goats to priests

The More Mobs Mod for Minecraft 1.4.4 and 1.4.5, created by SimJoo, adds over two dozen different mobs – from NPC humans like lumberjacks (who'll cut down trees for you), priests and knights, as well as a wide variety of animals like rabbits, lions, zebras and of course dogs. There are also mobs for the nether too.

The added mobs are textured by different people, and the human mobs are well textured to fit in the game and be recognizable from a distance. The colors used are not too saturated, and don't look out of place. However, some other textures rely too much on solid blocks of colors, and this can make the mobs look too plain.

Overall, this mod is still highly recommended as it expands upon the game naturally.

Installing the mod is easy:

1. Drag the into minecraft.jar folder out of the
2. Start, run dialogue box , type %appdata% , Enter
3. Navigate /.minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar
4. Open minecraft.jar with compressed file handler
5. Drag all files  to minecraft.jar
6. Delete folder name  META-INF
7.copy moremobsmod folder into  .minecraft/resources/newsound
8. Close minecraft.jar