Mekanism 5.0 for minecraft

9th Jan, 2023

Mekanism 5.0 for minecraft

The mekanism mod adds machines that requires energy to run. Generating energy is as simple as placing a redstone torch, but it doesn't produce as much units and there are complex features like storing energy with energy tablets and cubes. There are generators for heat, solar and even hydrogen, and of course new weapons like the electric bow which (obviously) requires energy to function.

The mekanism mod also adds 5 new sets of armor and tools, and it also works great when used in combination with the Universal Energy mod and other energy-based ones. The actual mod is made up of three different modules (Core, Generators, Tools), so if you don't want the new sets of tools and armor you can just choose to not install it. This is a really popular open source mod too, being downloaded over 62,500 times.

Installation Instructions:

1. Download the latest recommended build of Minecraft Forge,
2. and then place the three (or less if you want) modules into the mods folder.
3. That's it! You can configure Mekanism by changing the configuration file located in the config folder, named 'Mekanism.cfg'.

All of the source code is open source.