My first Minecraft experience

So the morning arrived and I saw 2 baby zombies spawn in a cave. One rushes out to try and kill me and there’s another skeleton nearby shooting me.

The first baby zombie dies and I try to fight off the skeleton. I am put down to three hearts and right behind me I hear the moan of a baby zombie. I sprint for my house and manage to shut everything.

Thinking I was safe, I go back to normal stuff and then the burning baby zombie rushes through the unfinished window. It hit me and then ran up next to me, leaving me with half a heart left.

I legit almost … myself while the baby zombie is just up next to me burning. I hit it once with my axe while jumping and it dies.

I’m still shook right now.

What is the current state of Minecraft?

Thinking to play this game again after 4 years.

I used to love this game, but somehow moved on eventually. I used to love PvP servers with resets like once in 1-3 months, where I found active buddies and each got a role. One went to explore, one went to mine, one was building a base. It was so fun!

Does something like this still exist? I would settle for a non PvP server if not I guess. I just don’t want to install it and play single player for 2 days and quit!

Good servers for this are factions servers like saicopvp and other servers. If you want to know more just look up Creepersedge, Bawble or just minecraft factions.