Minecraft Realms issue

Every time I try to connect to my friend’s realm I get disconnected 6 seconds later. I tried realms trial on my own same story.

Things I did: disabled proxy, set static ip, set firewall exemptions, set firewall inbound rules, allowed java in firewall, reinstalled Minecraft no mods or shaders just vanilla, set DNS to google public DNS, turned off AV and Firewall completely.

I can connect to Hypixel server and literally play on that server without getting kicked. I have no idea why Realms is not working. My other friends can connect without issues.

Things I haven’t tried yet: Portforwarding.

I have no idea how to do this. Also, my ISP has locked the advanced settings on my router.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Ghost block?

Me again :))) I need some more help, I was doing my command block testing playground, and I issued a lot of command blocks to set functions, I lacked of space so I wanted to move the blocks without redoing it by hand, so I used the command of replace to move all the blocks all at once, it’s called WorldEdit.

WorldEdit moved the blocks but now I have a problem, apparently, the command blocks are still on the original position, but apparently invisible and untouchable, I already tried everything to get them off, I even replaced the surface, put other blocks on that place, reload the chunks, close the game and so on but nothing seems to be working.

What can I do and why do you think this happened? I would like to avoid it in future and hopefully I can remove those ghost blocks without map reset.

How to discourage villagers from sleeping in my house?

So I started a new survival world on my Minecraft server a few days ago after several years of not playing. I spawned near a village and built a nice house there.

Now all the villagers have taken it upon themselves to move in, in my house – I even ended up putting some extra beds in so now there’s usually one available even if a villager or two is already sleeping there, but I’m still kind of annoyed by this.

I know this is hypocritical, of course, because god knows I’ve been in all their houses already but let’s ignore that for the moment.

My first Minecraft experience

So the morning arrived and I saw 2 baby zombies spawn in a cave. One rushes out to try and kill me and there’s another skeleton nearby shooting me.

The first baby zombie dies and I try to fight off the skeleton. I am put down to three hearts and right behind me I hear the moan of a baby zombie. I sprint for my house and manage to shut everything.

Thinking I was safe, I go back to normal stuff and then the burning baby zombie rushes through the unfinished window. It hit me and then ran up next to me, leaving me with half a heart left.

I legit almost … myself while the baby zombie is just up next to me burning. I hit it once with my axe while jumping and it dies.

I’m still shook right now.

What is the current state of Minecraft?

Thinking to play this game again after 4 years.

I used to love this game, but somehow moved on eventually. I used to love PvP servers with resets like once in 1-3 months, where I found active buddies and each got a role. One went to explore, one went to mine, one was building a base. It was so fun!

Does something like this still exist? I would settle for a non PvP server if not I guess. I just don’t want to install it and play single player for 2 days and quit!

Good servers for this are factions servers like saicopvp and other servers. If you want to know more just look up Creepersedge, Bawble or just minecraft factions.

How to play Minecraft without host?

Me and my little brother used to play LAN where I’m the host, meaning I created our world.

But the problem is that my brother has to wait until I login so he can play, but now he wants to be able play even when I’m not at home.

So, I know I’m talking about a private server, but a I don’t to want buy one. Is there a way to do that? Some kind of “free” server?

I have no intention of making money from it, so I don’t care if is an “only LAN” solution. In conclusion, me and my brother want to play on the same word without needing some of us to be a host.

Also I wouldn’t want my PC up and running 24/7.